[spambayes-dev] New release [Release candidate attached]

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 5 20:58:43 EST 2004

> I noticed that these archives contain some version number 
> changes that aren't checked into CVS.  Is that intentional?

Well spotted :)  The answer is kinda.  I bumped the __init__.py version, as
per the instructions, and figured that the Version.py ones would need to be
as well, before an actual release.  I didn't check anything in, though,
because I figured it'd be better to wait until the stuff is sorted :)  The
ones I bumped are the ones that I personally think have changed since 1.0a7
(although I'm 50/50 about the engine itself, but I think the
experimental/deprecated options make it so).

=Tony Meyer

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