[spambayes-dev] -d/-D command line options

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 00:28:35 EST 2004

[Tony Meyer]
> I'm not opposed to having application-specific options, but do we
> definitely want to set pickle as the default for some?

So long as this is alpha software, I want to inflict bsddb3 on as many users
as possible -- it seems that's the only hope we have left of getting enough
clues about the corruption problems to solve them.  OTOH, if nobody can make
time to rework the code to use bsddb3 in a transactional way, and provide
for recovery, this will never get beyond alpha software so long as bsddb3 is
the default for any of our apps.

> I wish we knew if the changes in this release are enough to remove the
> majority of db errors.  We should definitely get a few.

We'll learn the most about that if we don't monkey with the defaults now.
Alpha users are supposed to help debug software, even if no Outlook users
realize it <0.5 wink>.

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