[spambayes-dev] contrib/tte.py

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Feb 6 18:04:35 EST 2004

I just checked in contrib/tte.py.  Here's the doc string:

    Train to exhaustion: train repeatedly on a pile of ham and spam until
    everything scores properly.

    usage %(prog)s [ -h ] -g file -s file [ -d file | -p file ] [ -m N ]

    -h      - print this documentation and exit.

    -g file - take ham from file

    -s file - take spam from file

    -d file - use a database-based classifier named file

    -p file - use a pickle-based classifier named file

    -m N    - train on at most N messages (nham == N/2 and nspam == N/2)

    See Gary Robinson's blog:


I have an unsure pile at the moment with 580 or so messages in it.  I'm
going to see how it does with that, varying the maximum number of messages I
tte on.


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