[spambayes-dev] Problem with 1.0a9 Windows installer?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 11 19:23:38 EST 2004

> I unregistered my source version and ran the installer myself, and I 
> got the same result.

What version of Outlook/Windows are you using?  I tried it and it worked
fine, using Outlook XP SP2, with Windows XP Pro SP1.  The OP was Outlook 2k
with WinNT (French, but I doubt that makes a difference, or that you are
using French).

> I'm heading off to take a look at this now, but wanted to give 
> everyone a heads up in case someone wants to pull (or hide, or 
> whatever) the installer from SourceForge until we can sort this out.

Only those reading the -dev list know that the 1.0a9 (0.9) release is there
(and those that have stumbled across it while looking at the sourceforge
site, I suppose), so it should be ok to leave it active rather than hidden.
This way at least those here can give it a go without going through
convoluted loops to get hold of it.

> OK, I've taken a look and it appears that registering
> the addin using the outlook_addin_register executable during install
> does two things differently than registering the addin DLL directly 
> with regsvr32:
> * outlook_addin_register sets the DLL path in InprocServer32 to 
> "pythoncom23.dll", while regsvr32 sets it to 
> "<installation_path>\bin\outlook_addin.dll"

I get the installer setting it to

> * outlook_addin_register does not create the PythonCOMPath key

The installer does this for me, too.

=Tony Meyer

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