[spambayes-dev] problems with 0.9 plug-in & installation

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Fri Feb 13 12:25:23 EST 2004

1) It doesn't install over 0.8 cleanly. After closing all outlook
processes, and runing the 1.0a9 installer, and reloading outlook,
version 0.8 was still the active plug-in. I had to remove 0.8 and then
install 0.9. Incidentally, removing 0.8 doesn't remove the spambayes
toolbar correctly.
2) The "check for newer version" menu selection still reports 0.8 is
installed, and that there is no newer version available. The spamBayes
manager screen, however, reports v0.9 is active. Everything else in the
upgrade seemed okay.

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