[spambayes-dev] problems with 0.9 plug-in & installation

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 14 20:42:11 EST 2004

> 1) It doesn't install over 0.8 cleanly. After closing all 
> outlook processes, and runing the 1.0a9 installer, and 
> reloading outlook, version 0.8 was still the active plug-in. 
> I had to remove 0.8 and then install 0.9.

I think (Mark will probably correct this if I'm wrong), that this is a
consequence of changing the installation method (installer->py2exe, or maybe
the installer program instead of Inno's regserver).  Anyway, the
instructions in the notes do tell you to do this:

    * If you have an existing version of the Outlook addin installed, please
uninstall it via Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. This will not remove
your training or configuration information.

> Incidentally, 
> removing 0.8 doesn't remove the spambayes toolbar correctly.

This is a (very old!) known bug.


=Tony Meyer

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