[spambayes-dev] Problem with 1.0a9 Windows installer?

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 10:06:44 EST 2004

Tony Meyer wrote:
> In any case (and to bring it back to spambayes <wink>), I put a
> "pythoncom.frozen = True" line in after the "sys.frozendllhandle =
> ..." line (at the end of addin.py), and that fixed it.  I presume
> that would fix it for you, too.  I'm not sure why pythoncom.frozen
> wasn't already True, though, since it was running in a binary (py2exe
> 0.5.0, win32 200).  Maybe Mark knows :)

Yep, this was the fix that I needed to make it work for me.  I also
solved the mystery of why pythoncom.frozen isn't set, although I'm still
clueless why it worked in some cases and not in others.  Here's the
reason why pythoncom.frozen isn't set:

In the py2exe sources, there is only place that pythoncom.frozen is set
and that is with the following lines in boot_com_servers.py:

import pythoncom
if not hasattr(sys, "frozen"):
    # standard exes have none.
    sys.frozen = pythoncom.frozen = 1
    # com DLLs already have sys.frozen set to 'dll'
    pythoncom.frozen = sys.frozen

But py2exe uses boot_com_servers.py only for COM DLL's and EXE's
specified in the com_server= list.  outlook_addin_register.exe is just a
standard Windows executable, so py2exe uses boot_common.py instead which
makes no reference to pythoncom at all.

Kenny Pitt

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