[spambayes-dev] getting rid of the "new mail" icon

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 16:58:38 EST 2004

antoine.trux at nokia.com wrote:
> So you prefer not to switch off the icon if you are not sure. It
> would be most valuable, however, if SpamBayes could switch off the
> "new mail" icon each and every time a spam message is detected, or at
> least provide an option to work that way.  
> With usage scenario 1, I can work this way:
> - When I hear the new message's sound, I have a look at the "new
> mail" icon: 
>   - Most of the time, the icon is off (because the vast majority of
> the messages I get are spams and are detected by SpamBayes). 
>   - Sometimes, the icon is on. I then know that a ham has arrived (or
> a spam that SpamBayes does not detect), so I can interrupt my work. 
> - After being absent and returning to my desk, I immediately check
> whether I have new hams even if the "new mail" icon is off, because I
> know it could have been switched off by SpamBayes after detecting a
> spam.   

There are many other complications to this that might throw a monkey
wrench into your scenario, such as receiving both a ham and a spam in
the same batch of messages or using the background filtering option that
would delay SpamBayes' processing of a spam message.

> Can you confirm that it is not currently possible to configure
> SpamBayes for usage scenario 1? 

I can confirm that this not currently possible.

Kenny Pitt

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