[spambayes-dev] getting rid of the "new mail" icon

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 19 10:26:23 EST 2004

antoine.trux at nokia.com wrote:
>>> Can you confirm that it is not currently possible to configure
>>> SpamBayes for usage scenario 1?
>> I can confirm that this not currently possible.
> Well, then I am left with the following options:
> - Switch back to Spammunition (which does switch off the new mail
> icon). 
> - Use a commercial anti-spam filter (if I can find one that switches
> off the new mail icon; suggestions welcome). 
> - Change my email address.
> I am thrilled by none of these possibilities. I would have liked to
> use SpamBayes, but given the amount of spam I get, this is just not
> possible.  

Well, there are several other possibilities.  SpamBayes is open source,
so you can modify it as much as you want to suit your needs.  I wrote
the code to implement finding and removing the mail icon from within
Python, and I'll gladly send you a copy if you'd like to try to
incorporate it.

There is also a patch (#858925) on SourceForge to add a notification
sound to SpamBayes that could be used to replace Outlook's new mail icon
and notification sound.  The patch allows you to define 3 different
sounds to differentiate spam, ham, or unsure.  After processing a batch
of mail, it will play the sound representing the "hammiest" message it
saw (ham -> unsure -> spam).  Here's a link to the patch:


Kenny Pitt

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