[spambayes-dev] getting rid of the "new mail" icon

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 19 17:03:18 EST 2004

> - Use a commercial anti-spam filter (if I can find one that 
> switches off the new mail icon; suggestions welcome).
> I am thrilled by none of these possibilities. I would have 
> liked to use SpamBayes, but given the amount of spam I get, 
> this is just not possible.

You could look into InBoxer (there's a link on our 'related' page).  It's
the SpamBayes code (or close enough), so you'll get the same results.  I
believe they have done *something* to address this, although I'm not sure
exactly what.  In any case, since you'd be giving them money, you'd be able
to ask them for features, if they don't do what you want already.

=Tony Meyer

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