[spambayes-dev] Experimental SpamBayes build available

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Jan 2 00:56:31 EST 2004

> The idea was that if you already had an ini file, then you
> had already set things up and so we wouldn't want to fiddle
> with your setup

> That sounds like a worthy goal, but I don't see how the 
> existing code solves it.

Well, if there's already an ini, it doesn't touch the setup :)  But I don't
really care - this can be replaced with a warning in the "what's new" file
pointing out that things might move about with the next release.

["hammie.db" -> "statistics_database.db"]
> -1 - Clearly the new name is not better just for 'windows 
> users', so Windows should get no special treatment.  If the 
> new name is truly better for everyone, then it should be changed.

Fair enough; that wasn't one of my better decisions.  (My reasoning was that
it improved things for new users, and old users could continue unaffected,
which would not be the case if the default changed.)

> I'd be inclined to avoid the expanduser() on Windows.  Either 
> skip the call completely, or special case it to merge in our 
> default data directory.  I really don't see how the special 
> casing would be used by more than a handful of geeks, so I 
> reckon you should just skip it.

You haven't convinced me of this, though.  Surely it's better to have "x =
os.path.expanduser(x)" than it is to have "if not sys.platform == 'win32': x
= os.path.expanduser(x)"?  Having the call doesn't seem to cost us anything,
but if we don't, then those rare geeks that try to plug in their Linux setup
on Windows (or a properly setup cygwin: '~' gives me '/home/tameyer') will
be confused.

What about the attached patch?

=Tony Meyer
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