[spambayes-dev] Commercial anti-spam developer needed

Dreas van Donselaar dreas at emailaccount.nl
Sat Jan 3 12:11:11 EST 2004


I hope this email will be allowed on this mailinglist :)

I followed SpamBayes for some months now and used it with good results. I
also read the PSA license and as far as I can tell I am allowed to build a
commercial application using SpamBayes as the base.

I am actually looking for a developer that is interested in a paid project,
building a commercial junk filter application using SpamBayes as a base.
Altough the commercial application should become closed source, and there
will be some techniques SpamBayes is not using (and probably won't use in
the near future), I definately don't mind having the developed code
contribute to the Open Source SpamBayes as well. It may be a nice
opportunity for one of the programmers here to actually earn some money
while still contributing to your great project.

Just for the record I am "only" a student and no big commercial business but
I do have quite some funds and have been thinking about a project like this
for years. There will definately be a free version of the "closed source
application" and although I am profit oriented this will be focussed on
businesses and not individuals.

Please contact me on Trillian (the best ;)) if you're interested.

MSN: dreas at emailaccount.nl
AIM: dreas1983
ICQ: 108756
Y!: dreasvandonselaar

Dreas van Donselaar

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