[spambayes-dev] How to forward mail after filtering automatically

Frank Heile fheile at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 6 01:25:30 EST 2004

First, THANKS SO MUCH FOR SPAMBAYES!  It has made email usable again.  I
have told all my friends about it and I know several have used it and have
thanked me for recommending it to them.


Second, my question:  Is there anyway I can get the wonderful benefits of
SPAMBAYES on my handheld Palm based Kyocera 7135?  Currently, both my
handheld and home computer fetch the messages from my fheile at pacbell.net
account.  My home computer uses SPAMBAYES integrated into Outlook 2003 so
everything is fine there.  However when my handheld receives messages from
the fheile at pacbell.net account I get all the SPAM mixed in with my HAM.  I
am willing to leave my home computer on all the time if there is some way to
have my home computer forward only the HAM to the handheld.  I would setup
another email account and forward from home to that account so my handheld
can download only HAM.


Alternatively, is there anyway to have SPAMBAYES download all mail but only
delete the SPAM from the pacbell.net server?  Any other suggestions?


Thanks for any help you can give me and thanks again for SPAMBAYES.


Frank Heile

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