[spambayes-dev] A URL experiment

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Jan 6 20:21:37 EST 2004

[Kenny Pitt]
> I have the distinct advantage that 99% of my ham is either messages
> from a small set of mailing lists such as spambayes-dev, or company
> mail sent to the same list of 20 or so people.  My training data
> quickly develops the "defacto whitelist" effect.  Hopefully that
> doesn't skew my testing results too much, but I suppose it's the
> variety of e-mail mixes that makes testing useful anyway.

Indeed it is -- email mix varies *a lot* across people, and this is one of
the only projects I know of that tests with multiple real-life personal
corpora.  Your mix may not be like mine, but I bet it's like thousands of
others (as is mine, but a different bunch of thousands) -- all testing is
appreciated here, and the greater the variety the more sure we can be that
changes are truly winners.

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