[spambayes-dev] Rebuilding Resources Question

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jan 8 18:35:27 EST 2004

> This is where my confusion came from.  The install does not 
> copy the resource _source_ so ui_html.py never gets built.

This is deliberate - there's no need for the ui.html file to be installed,
because in normal circumstances the ui_html.py file never needs to get
rebuilt.  Same with all the images.

> Perhaps the message is for me to stop messing around with 
> my live installation? :-)

There's nothing wrong with messing around with your live installation! (I'm
sure many of us here do that - I'm using so many x- options with my Outlook
install that I have no idea which ones are doing me any good <wink>).

If you are planning on 'messing around' with stuff, though, it's probably
better to forget about using setup.py install.  Instead, use a cvs checkout
- you can checkout the spambayes/spambayes directory right into your Python
site-packages directory if you like.  That way you'll have all the files.
Same sort of thing goes for the scripts, or you can just run them from
somewhere else.

Personally, I don't have any spambayes stuff in the Python directories -
instead I have 4 (at the moment) different spambayes directories (all cvs
checkouts) - one for running timcv tests (so it's identical to cvs apart
from whatever is being tested at the time, plus has a data directory), one
for running incremental tests (so is identical to cvs plus has a data
directory), one for general development (which also is the one in day-to-day
use), and one that's unchanged from cvs for me to diff against.  To use, I
just set PYTHONPATH in whatever console window I'm accessing them from,
before I start doing anything - that way they're all nicely separate (and by
not having any in the site-packages directory, I avoid accidentally
importing from there).

=Tony Meyer

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