[spambayes-dev] Incremental training results

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Jan 10 20:44:16 EST 2004

> All the more reason to do as much as possible in Python.  ;)  I must 
> admit that I'm a bit of a polyplat(?) - at work and home, I 
> run Windows and Linux side-by-side, so I don't usually think of those 
> kinds of things.
> Tony - the graphs on your web site looked suspiciously like 
> Excel.  ;) 

I really must try and disguise it more ;)  I did try and get hold of plotmtv
first, but then fell back on Excel (OpenOffice is much slower at graphing,
on this machine at least).

> Would having .csv output make life easy in terms of making graphs?

Outputting to .csv is one of the modifications I've made to mkgraph.py (diff
attached).  I'm not ready to check this in, though, because it makes the
script pretty ugly :)  I'll tidy it up somewhat (moving things into separate
functions rather than passing 'if' parameters) and then probably will.

There are three other changes that I made, which I will include in some form
when I check it in:
 1.  Added a docstring.
 2.  Added a -f command line arg to pass the file in ('mkgraph.py < file'
wouldn't work here, for some reason).
 3.  Output each set in one set of rows, with each line in a separate
column, rather than one line at a time.  The other way was workable, but
more effort to create a graph in Excel.

=Tony Meyer

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