[spambayes-dev] Another incremental training idea...

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Jan 19 16:41:36 EST 2004

[Tim, sez his major reduction in total spam over the last couple
 months is entirely due to less spam on his MSN dialup account]

[Skip Montanaro]
> Ask them if they began using SpamBayes. <wink>

Heh.  I don't think so.  Remember the link posted here to an article about
the spam filter in Outlook 2003?  The one that doesn't learn, and is
identical for all Outlook 2003 users?  This is "typical Microsoft", IMO:
the first release of a thing is crap, but while everyone else is distracted
with laughter, they relentlessly improve the thing.  Between MSN and
Hotmail, Microsoft has an inconceivably large collection of real-life data
to work with, and I expect they're finally learning from it.  What I remain
confused about is how they intend to make Big Bux off it.

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