[spambayes-dev] Web filtering

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 28 09:02:48 EST 2004

    Claire> I was wondering if you could give me some informtation on making
    Claire> a bayesian filter for web pages to block undesired content. I
    Claire> noticed this topic was posted on the site but couldn't access
    Claire> the directory that the information was stored on.

I experimented briefly with this.  In the source distribution there is a
mod_spambayes.py plugin for Amit Patel's proxy3 web proxy.

    Claire> Anything you have on this topic would be greatly appreciated as
    Claire> I am currently researching it for a project I am doing.

Mod_spambayes.py is nothing more than a bare bones implementation.  That
leaves you plenty of room for enhancements (training, web page-specific
tokenizing, etc).

If you don't have the source distribution you'll probably want to get it.


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