[spambayes-dev] Translate spambay? Compile procedure?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 10 22:07:50 EST 2004

> 1. what is the procedure to compile product?

There isn't one, really (unless you mean to make the binaries for the
installer, see below).  If you have Python installed, then you don't need to
do anything else.  The exception is ui.html - to turn this into ui_html.py
you need to have resourcepackage installed <http://resourcepackage.sf.net>,
and then it'll automatically get created whenever ui.html is newer than

> 2. what is the procedure to make installer?

You run the setup_all.py script in the windows/py2exe directory.  This
creates the binaries that the installer packages.  You then run the
spambayes.iss file through Inno Setup and the installer is created.  If
you're going to do that, then presumably there is more translation to be
done there (IIRC Inno supports this quite nicely).

Note that the installer includes both the Outlook plug-in and sb_server.  If
you're only translating one of them, then it would probably be better to
create a different installer that just had that product (as well as a source
archive, or set of patches).

=Tony Meyer

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