[spambayes-dev] saving attachments

Mark Hammond mhammond at keypoint.com.au
Mon Mar 15 04:04:40 EST 2004

> [Ryan Malayter]
> > This doesn't seem like it would be that hard,
> It never does before you try it <0.9 wink>.
> If you pursue this, note that the tokenizer ignores the *bodies* of
> non-text/* attachments regardless, so there's little point in
> synthesizing
> MIME to recreate them.  Sythnesizing the MIME armor saying
> that there *is*
> an attachment of type such-and-such is what counts.

Note that another, possibly more sane way of approaching this would be to
manually synthesize tokens with the relelvant information.  ie, if it really
is as simple as "is there an attachment?" (or even tokens for the
filenames/extensions), I expect it would be quite simple to implement a)
without attempting to re-create the MIME just so the tokenizer can unpack it
and b) without needing to extract the attachments themselves.

I'm happy to offer guidance with this...


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