[spambayes-dev] Open relay, and new release?

Mark Hammond mhammond at keypoint.com.au
Mon Mar 15 18:48:33 EST 2004

> The plug-in has been a bit more mixed - there have been a
> reasonable chunk
> of people that could install 0.81, but not 0.9.

Note that 0.81 had alot of people complaining about "DllRegisterServer
failed - error 0", and at least some of them are able to install 0.9.

But yeah, that sucks :(

> It would be
> nice to try and
> solve this, or put in some more debugging info that will help
> solve it in
> the future.  I don't know enough about it to try and do this, though.

I will check out the issue with the incorrect pythoncomxx.dll being used.  I
*thought* I already went through this, making sure the right one was used
even when others existed in system32.


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