[spambayes-dev] modified version of sb_dbexpimp.py

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 16 19:15:25 EST 2004

> The csv file should be opened in "wb" mode.  I thought I 
> caught that.  Can you take a quick look? 

Ah, I see - no it was being opened in "w" mode, and changing that to "wb"
gets rid of the blank line in Excel/Wordpad.  I'll check this in.

> Also, you are talking about using the real csv module, not
> the compatcsv thing, right?

I was, yes.  I did a test run with 2.2, though (after the "wb" mod), and got
the same output as 2.3, so I'm happy that the compatcsv module works.

> Okay.  Here's a simple use of spamcounts:

Cool, thanks.  I'll force myself to figure it out properly (that example
should be enough, really) next time I want to do this.

=Tony Meyer

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