[spambayes-dev] modified version of sb_dbexpimp.py

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Mar 17 12:58:05 EST 2004

    Kenny> I did notice one oddity in my exported csv file.  There were a
    Kenny> few tokens, most of them subject: something but a few others,
    Kenny> that were wrapped between two lines using an e-mail header style
    Kenny> wrapping where the continuation line begins with a tab.  Even
    Kenny> though the rest of the file is written with '\r\n' line
    Kenny> terminators, these wrapped lines have only a '\n' terminator.
    Kenny> This anomaly fooled my Vim editor into thinking the file was a
    Kenny> Unix file with '\n' line endings, so I wonder if the same thing
    Kenny> could throw off Excel in some cases.

The csv module handles multi-line fields and the authors went to great pains
to try and read/write Excel-compatible files.  I believe in Excel that an
embedded newline is just a newline, not CRLF.  If the files are throwing off
vim or Emacs that's not all that surprising.  How they interpret files with
mixes of CRLF and LF is anyone's guess.


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