[spambayes-dev] cant live without xmlrpcserver

Toby Dickenson tdickenson at geminidataloggers.com
Wed Mar 24 10:05:34 EST 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 14:28, Skip Montanaro wrote:

> What version of Python are you using?  Startup time got worse between 2.2
> and 2.3.  At the moment the culprit which caused the problem remains at
> large.

its 2.2 on the machine where I notice this most.

>     Toby> What I *think* I want is an sb_filter-like process that will use
>     Toby> an existing sb_xmlrpcserver daemon if it can, start a new deamon
>     Toby> if it cant, and the deamon to shut itself down after a period of
>     Toby> inactivity. Has anyone else any desires (or code ;-) for
> something Toby> similar?
> I think you'd still take a startup overhead hit if you didn't code your
> sb_filter proxy in C.

True. Ive just measured 778ms to classify a mail using sb_filter, against 
234ms using sb_client. Thats a modest saving.

If I stop the server and rerun sb_client it predictably terminates with a 
'Connection refused'. Getting that far takes 219ms; I guess most of that 
could be saved using C and a lighter protocol than xmlrpc.

Toby Dickenson

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