[spambayes-dev] FAQ addition request

Miller, Scott L (Omaha Networks) scott.l.miller at hp.com
Wed Mar 24 16:36:06 EST 2004

Hi all,

I've just begun using SpamBayes, Kudo's to all who've worked on it, especially the Outlook plugin.  It installed cleanly and works as advertised by the overview/FAQ's.

I currently have two suggestions for improvement in the documentation area:

	The first deals with the Outlook plugin FAQ.  The FAQ makes a big deal about SpamBayes being able to work with both POP3 and IMAP.  Now I used to be a Coder, still do some, but I am now a Network Designer/Engineer, so I understand what these do, at least at a high level.  But I've never stopped to think about what (potentially convoluted) protocol M$ Outlook used to communicate with an Exchange server.  I still haven't cared enough to find out either.  But it is/was not clear to me that SpamBayes would work with an Exchange server.  Even with the terse "Yes" answer to that question.  Given the amount of time spent on POP3 and IMAP possibilities, the FAQ should really treat this question better, or have the Windows overview page answer this a bit more authoritatively.

	Suggestion for the overview page under General Information:
	"The Outlook addin is an application of the SpamBayes project. To our knowledge, the current version of the plug-in should work with Windows 98 and above and Outlook 2000 or above. The plug-in works with POP3 and Exchange servers. You may be able..."

	Suggestion for the FAQ:
	"3.3   Will SpamBayes work with Outlook 2000 connecting to an Exchange 2000 server?"
	<explain how Outlook/Exchange communicate>  The SpamBayes Outlook plug-in simply watches the Inbox, and optionally others, for new mail and attempts to apply it's rule set to those messages.  Thus it doesn't attempt to get between Outlook and Exchange, so there is no problem working with the above discussed delivery mechanism."

	<at least this is my current understanding of what the plug in is doing according to the options available to me.>

	My second suggestion is that, either in the FAQ or a new "anomaly" section, there needs to be an explaination of why "Undeliverable" messages are considered to be "unfilterable".  It took me quite a while to finally find a semi-cryptic email about how it was initially thought that Undeliverable messages were thought to be something that should not be filtered as the user should always be notified if their sent email had problems.  This belief may be changing due to the myriad virus strains that are forging the "from" fields, and of which my compaq.com address has been widely used since the first such strains hit mid January.  Thus, I'd really like to be able to filter those out, but then the problem becomes how does one distinguish real "undeliverable" messages from "undeliverable" due to forged virus messages?  Which is likely beyond the scope of the SpamBayes utilities...

Thanks for your consideration,

-Scott L. Miller

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