[spambayes-dev] If msg.as_string() fails...

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun May 2 18:22:52 EDT 2004

    Tony> I think it would be worth working in a fix for this somehow, so
    Tony> that these messages are correctly (as much as possible) filtered.
    Tony> Does anyone else want to work on this?

    Tony> (+1 to getting sb_filter to do the exception header thing,
    Tony> though).

I looked through the code that generates messages in sb_filter.py.  In
theory, down in mboxutils.get_message() we could attach the raw message text
to the generated Message object if the input was a string:

    msg._raw = obj

That doesn't help if the object being parsed is already a Message object.
It also seems like a very bad hack just to make the raw text available in
case message flattening fails at tail end.


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