[spambayes-dev] If msg.as_string() fails...

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 3 01:30:32 EDT 2004

> I looked through the code that generates messages in 
> sb_filter.py.  In theory, down in mboxutils.get_message() we 
> could attach the raw message text to the generated Message 
> object if the input was a string:
>     msg._raw = obj

Something like this would also work (in theory) for sb_server/sb_imapfilter
put in message.py.

> That doesn't help if the object being parsed is already a 
> Message object. It also seems like a very bad hack just to 
> make the raw text available in case message flattening fails 
> at tail end.

Agreed.  I'm not we can come up with a really nice general solution (other
than Anthony's new, relaxed, parser, which I presume will end up in an email
package one of these days).  For this particular problem (reports of which
are increasing) what about something like this?

>>> try:
... 	print msg.as_string()
... except TypeError:
... 	parts = []
... 	for part in msg.get_payload():
... 		parts.append(part.as_string())
... 	print "\n".join(parts)

Obviously the "print"s would be return's or whatever.

=Tony Meyer

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