[spambayes-dev] Web Interface to SpamBayes (procmail)

OTR Comm otrcomm at isp-systems.com
Fri May 7 12:22:14 EDT 2004

> Is there any reason that you're building a web interface from scratch,
> rather than simply using/subclassing the one that sb_server/sb_imapfilter
> use?

Probably my ignorance then!  I haven't closely looked at sb_server to
see how it works on a linux box with sendmail and procmail.  I also
don't want my users to have to load any software on their machines, but
I want to give each user the ability to manage their own spam filter.

I may be completely off base with my work, but it seems that if it were
that simple, there would not be any need for the Outlook plugin.  Is
this not so?

> (In fact, can't you practically do this already with sb_server and
> sb_upload?)

I do not know!  Like I said, I just started working with SpamBayes, but
I will look into these modules.

Murrah Boswell

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