[spambayes-dev] PSF Donations

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 25 03:16:04 EDT 2004

[Tony Meyer]
> Is there any chance that we could occasionally get information like 
> "there were x donations in the last x months, which totalled $x"?

[Tim Peters]
> Yes, but it's slim <wink>.
[rest snipped]

The broad summary that you gave was plenty to satisfy my curiosity, so I
won't be bothering Neal.

=Tony Meyer

(Why did I bother posting this?  One, to say thanks to Tim - thanks! - since
I hadn't done that, and, two, because I realised that I left things looking
like I might actually bother doing more about this and didn't want anyone to
follow it up on my behalf.)

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