[spambayes-dev] RE: Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon May 31 02:37:57 EDT 2004

[From personal email]

> Anyway, I'm interested in working in a translation for the 
> plugin version of SB. It would be fantastic to have one by the 
> 1.0 final release. If you guide me through, I'd like to make one 
> for the OE version, too.
> I'm quite experienced with interface translations, mainly with 
> PostNuke CMS, but also others.

Thanks for the offer - I agree that it would be great to have
translations, and Brazilian Portuguese is as good a start as any!  I
doubt that this could make it into the 1.0 final release, though, since
any changes between the 1.0 release candidates and the final have to be
pretty small, and really ought to only be bug fixes.  However, it'd be
great for 1.1 (and I'm sure a 1.1a1 will arrive reasonably quickly after

I've cc'd this to the spambayes developers list, where this sort of
thing gets discussed.  While I'm happy to put in time to help with the
internationalisation process, I don't have any experience with this at
all, so it'd be better if one of the other SpamBayes developers could
indicate how this should be done (I presume that there's a normal way to
do it with Python scripts).

Anyway, hopefully this should start the conversation flowing...

=Tony Meyer

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