Release branch (was RE: [spambayes-dev] RE: Brazilian PortugueseTranslation)

Tony Meyer tameyer at
Mon May 31 21:46:38 EDT 2004

> Sorry - I kinda got distracted :)

Me too.

> Since 1.0rc, there have been a number of checkins, but from 
> what I can see, pretty much are all still bugfixes, or not 
> related to the build (eg, new checksum/sb_bnserver C module)

Changes I'd consider for 1.0[rc2] that weren't in 1.0rc1:

 * The "select child folder" bug fix with multiple Exchange mailboxes.  This
comes close to critical, IMO.
 * Installing the default_bayes_customize.ini file.  This is packaging bug,
so should be included, IMO.

And maybe Skip's fixes for using with Python 2.2.  The rest can
definitely wait.

> Therefore, I propose I create a "release_1_0-fork" tag and 
> "release_1_0-branch" branch from the trunk as it stands now.  

Alternatively, you could cut it from what it was like at the 1.0rc1 tag.
I'm happy to copy over the various fixes (the ones above, plus Skip's fix
for mboxutils, plus the ones I've commented with 'bugfix').  Your call.

> We then consider the trunk open-slather for the 2.0 release.

What's the plan with life after 1.0, anyway?   Is 1.1 just for bug fixes and
anything new goes in 2.0?  Or does 1.1 have bug fixes and minor changes, and
anything major goes in 2.0?

> In either case, we do a 1.0rc2, and this time 
> *seriously* hope we release it as 1.0 - only major 
> regressions would be considered for yet another RC.

What about we pick a deadline date, too?  If I have a deadline, I'm less
likely to get distracted.

=Tony Meyer

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