[spambayes-dev] [ 1059170 ] SpamBayes-1.0 msvcrt.dll install crash

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Nov 4 04:19:15 CET 2004

> I built a copy of the binary and registered it with 
> outlook_addin_register on my XP SP2 system.  Registration ran
> without error, and I was able to load Outlook and access SpamBayes
> with no problems.

Thanks :)  Somewhat ironically, my SP2 CD arrived in the post yesterday, so
I'm able to check this out now, as well.  (The distributed 1.0 binary also
appears to work fine).

> Yes it would, which is why I don't believe that this is the 
> real cause of the problem.  Given the thousands of applications that 
> reference that DLL, I can't imagine that Microsoft could have missed a 
> compatibility issue severe enough to cause a GPF in an app that
> uses only the most basic functions from MSVCRT.

Agreed.  I've made similar comments in the tracker - my best guess is that
the OP tried it once, thought "a ha - I know how to fix this", replaced the
.dll and it worked.  However, that first time could have been some weird
fluke (with this rather unstable machine I get GPF's fairly often, in very
stable apps in unreproducible ways), and the 'fix' wasn't really necessary.

Thanks for checking it out, though :)


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