[spambayes-dev] wish: keep spam-mail from downloading to OE6

falcon_050 falcon_050 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 4 09:02:49 CET 2004

Using SB for half a year I am generally very content. Yet I have (another) wish for using SB with OE6: Is it possible to not send mail marked "spam" to OE but instead just keep it in the SB's cache. While
training I still can view these messages if I want to. 

The reason for my wish is that OE6 displays a "new mail icon" in the tray for spam it receives from SB even if it is (by rule) marked as read and put into trash. This new mail icon does not disappear when OE is opened. You have to restart it or really open one of the spam mail. This is very frustrating: you think you got new mail. The only thing you got is spam in the trashcan. 

I tried some other options in OE but they don't seem to work properly:
(1) "Do not download from server". 
(2) "Remove from server" 

Regards and another compliment for your great product,


Valk Beekman, 

Amsterdam NL

PS I somehow can't get the auto-train option to work
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