[spambayes-dev] Is building with Python 2.4 and not Python 2.3 a bugfix?

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 23 05:02:01 CET 2004

Hey everyone,

I figure that there'll probably be a 1.0.2 (although maybe not a 1.0.3)
before we get to a final 1.1 release.  By the time we're ready to do 1.0.2,
Python 2.4 will be all done.

There are various reasons why building the binary with Python 2.4 would be
better than with Python 2.3, but the important one is that Python 2.4 has
email 3.0.  This basically means the end of problems with malformed
messages, which is still a reasonably common reported problem ("why am I
getting this X-Spambayes-Exception header?").

However, 1.0.2 is only for bugfixes, not for new features.

So my question is: is building with the newer Python valid for a bugfix

(If not, then people just have to wait for 1.1, which will use 2.4).


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