[spambayes-dev] hammie.db

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Nov 24 06:20:22 CET 2004

> The FAQ mentions hammie.db a number of times

4, in total.

> but my database files are called default_bayes_database.db
> and default_message_database.db (I'm using the Outlook plugin).
> Should the FAQ be updated?

The first reference explains what the database is called with the Outlook
plugin, so needs no change.  The second one is only about VM, so needs no
change.  The third one is about retraining from scratch, and has
instructions for Outlook users right above it, so needs no change.  The
fourth one is an example of specifying the database name on the command
line, which is not relevant to Outlook, so needs no change.

Have I missed something?  I can't see any changes that are necessary.  If
you can point some out, though, I'm happy to do it :)


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