[spambayes-dev] Is building with Python 2.4 and not Python 2.3 a bugfix?

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Nov 25 01:07:20 CET 2004

> > So my question is: is building with the newer Python valid 
> > for a bugfix release?
> It fixes bugs, right?  (like "the end of problems with 
> malformed messages")

Yes, although that's not the only thing it does.

> Micro releases of Python on Windows sometimes ship with new external
> libraries too, e.g., to fix Tk bugs, or to plug zlib "security holes".
> This seems much the same.

That's good enough precedent for me :)

> There's a small chance that 2.4 will
> introduce a relevant bug, and then the decision to use it would look
> imprudent.  In that case you'll be blamed.

I can handle that.  The chance is very small, I think, since I use 2.4
myself and haven't run anything (since fixing the initial problems).

> But if all it does is improve email handling, nobody will praise you. 

I think it will be unnoticeably faster, too <wink>.

> So there's the moral
> dilemma:  you can improve peoples' lives, or cover your ass.  Since
> it's not my ass, I vote you expose it <wink>.

I have no fear.  If it all goes to custard, then at least I can add that to
the 'famous last words of spambayes developers' section on the website
quotes page <wink>.  So I'll do this - but I'll be prudent enough to wait
for 2.4 final and not use 2.4rc1 for the release I'll do today...

Thanks for the comments :)


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