[spambayes-dev] button ideas (oh boy)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Oct 6 05:25:17 CEST 2004

> Since I initiated this, I already had most of it on hand.  I updated
> the text in the docs to go along with the code changes, and I'll check
> this in shortly.

I've been using this since then, and it seems ok to me.  It's taken a while
to get used to shorter buttons, but it seems natural again now.  The toolbar
is certainly *much* smaller.

> I'm not dealing yet with enabling based on individual message status,
> but changing to disabling the buttons rather than hiding them is
> extremely trivial.

Do you think it's worth changing to disabling if we don't do it on a message
by message basis?

> I gave it a try and found one small problem with
> it.  We don't have any transparency in our icon images because of the
> crazy way Outlook requires the transparency mask to be created, so the
> disabled icon shows up as just a solid gray square.  Not very
> attractive.
> For a disabled icon, Outlook seems to gray out everything except
> transparent or *white* pixels.  I'm playing with some replacement
> icons that use white symbols in the foreground (an X for Spam and a
> checkmark for Not Spam).  These also have backgrounds that fill the
> entire icon square, thus eliminating the problems with the
> non-transparent backgrounds around the current icons.

The ones you made look nice, but I must admit that I'm quite attached to the
little smiley face :)  Can't we just mark the pixels around the smiley face
as transparent?  (I am very ignorant here).  And maybe change the lines on
the face from black to white?

=Tony Meyer

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