[spambayes-dev] I18N

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Oct 7 00:29:46 CEST 2004

> Besides sb_server and sb_tray in my SB bin directory I also 
> have sb_pop3dnd, sb_service, sb_upload and setup_server.  
> Never used them though.

sb_pop3dnd is incomplete (or alpha, to be generous).  I have great plans for
this, but lack the time to finish it off nicely at the moment.  There's no
point doing any translation work with it at the moment, and, IAC, if
sb_server is translated pretty much all of sb_pop3dnd would be too.

sb_service just registers sb_server as a Windows service.  I believe every
message that is provided by it is actually provided by Windows itself, so
there's no need for any translation there.

sb_upload is just a command line tool to use with sb_server.  The only thing
that could be translated is the docstring.  Given how little used this is,
it doesn't seem worth it, at least at first.  This (and sb_pop3dnd) are also
cross-platform, BTW.

setup_server will be completed for the first 1.1, and will need translating.
What it is meant to do is automatically configure SpamBayes & the user's
mailer.  It needs polishing and (ideally) a nice little Wizard like the
Outlook plug-in has.  No point translating this until it's finished, though.

> Sorry don't get it... Do you suggest to work (me) on a branch 
> or to send patches against HEAD?  For the time being I rather 
> send patches to SF against cvs' head.

Yes, patches against CVS HEAD.  There is a 1.0 branch, on which only
bugfixes should be committed, and which matches the 1.0 release.  This one
shouldn't be touched.  CVS HEAD will turn into the 1.1a1 release, though,
and so can include new features like this, as long as they don't break

> If I see that you work 
> too much and/or my code falls behind then I'd ask you to 
> branch SB for I18N if possible.

This has come at a good time, when there's a lot of testing ahead for CVS
HEAD before it gets released, and there's a nice stable branch that people
can fall back to.  As such, as long as the changes don't get too massive,
working on the trunk should be fine, IMO.  If it gets too large then we can
create a branch.

> My goal is to build or find a framework for translators as 
> small as possible.

Sounds good to me :)

[multiple instances of SpamBayes code]
> Err.... Sorry.  I think that what I really want is to share 
> the db.

In that case, you still just run the appropriate addin.py, but don't need to
bother with the default_configuration.ini file.  Whichever version is
registered will pick up the same database & configuration.

[multiple translaters] 
> You're probably right.  Now imagine someone sending me a 
> message file containing say "skcus seyab maps" in it, and 
> claiming to be the kamandarian translation...

This is open-source software, though, so people are free to check out
whether any claims are true or not.  And we have no liability if we say that
there is a kamandarian translation and it's not correct.  I'd rather trust
people than turn them away...

=Tony Meyer

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