[spambayes-dev] button ideas (oh boy)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Oct 7 00:43:03 CEST 2004

> I've done this before in C++, and unfortunately Microsoft 
> made it a bit complicated. 

<shock!> ;)

> I took a look at doing this in Python a while back.  After 
> looking through the pywin32 source code for the clipboard
> handling several times, I was unable to figure out any way
> to get the bitmaps onto the clipboard in the required format.
> I think we would need some enhancements to pywin32 to be
> able to do this directly from Python.
> If so, how would we incorporate the .pyd into
> our development process so that people can still run easily 
> from source?

Ideally, you would submit a patch to pywin32, and Mark would check it into
that.  Then we just built the binary with the new version, and all is good.
For source users, we begin by providing some (possibly not as nice)
compatibility option (eg ugly icons), and eventually require whatever
pywin32 build it is.  A variety of things have already gone through this (a
large advantage of having the primary pywin32 developer be the primary
Outlook plug-in developer <wink>).

> The question is, do we think that effort would be worthwhile? 

*I* like the smileys.  However, (a) I'm not the one that would be putting in
this effort, and (b) no-one else has piped up for them, so maybe it's just
me... :)

=Tony Meyer

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