[spambayes-dev] Any updated information for the plans to make better statistics?

Erik Brown kirebrow at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 18:12:32 CEST 2004

SpamBayes Team,
Any updated information for the plans to make better statistics (in terms of
persistence, presentation, and what's provided) especially for the Outlook
Really, all I'm looking for is a persistent stat area (much like the current
per session one) but includes classification accuracy percentage which is
calculated from the total messages processed and classification errors.  I'm
presuming that the errors would be the messages that were manually
classified as good or spam and/or the false positives and false negatives?
This way I can better test this wonderful tool and provide much more
concrete test results when using the Outlook addin.  In terms of the spam
filtering accuracy when using different training methods and/or options for
the SpamBayes engine.
Any information on this would be greatly appreciated and thanks for all the
hard work.
Erik Brown
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