[spambayes-dev] Quality link request

Mindy mindy at googod.com
Tue Sep 7 22:32:23 CEST 2004


I found your website http://mail.python.org on Google. 

Your website has content related to ours at www.water-splash.co.uk. This is a quality website and is well ranked on Google.

We are happy to upload a link onto this website in any way you request in exchange for a return link. I'm sure you appreciate that this would be of great benefit to us both.

To go ahead with this exchange please upload our link information below to your links page. Then drop me an email to let me know where you have uploaded it.

If you would like your return link presenting in a particular way please include this information in your email. 

I will then arrange for your link to be uploaded and email you again the let you know.

Thank you.


Our link Info:

Link Text:  Water Cooler

Description: Plumbed in pure chilled filtered water coolers and fountains.

URL: http://www.water-splash.co.uk

Our link html:

<<-- begin html -->>

<a href="http://www.water-splash.co.uk">Water Cooler</a> 
Plumbed in pure chilled filtered water coolers and fountains.

<<-- end html -->>

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