[spambayes-dev] 1.0 Build Testing (please!)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Sep 28 10:12:05 CEST 2004

[As an aside, given the positive response from Richie, Kenny and me, I've
gone ahead and done the release.  I'm around tomorrow & Thursday if there
needs to be a very quick 1.0.1.  BTW, SpamBayes' 2nd birthday quietly passed
three weeks ago!  Here's hoping that the next stable release doesn't take
another 2 years <wink>]

[VMWare description snipped]

Thanks for that.  If I had more use for it, then it sounds like it could be
quite useful (or something like VirtualPC, as Kenny mentioned, although I'm
not sure how well Microsoft is treating it since they acquired it).  For the
moment, I'll have to make do (unless I can convince work that something like
that might be useful ;)

> I've tested the new build and it all works fine for me, except for
> uploading an Outlook Express mailbox for bulk training - it 
> only trained on one message out of the mailbox.  Has anyone else seen
> this?

I've done very little with the OE mailbox stuff.  I tested it here now and
got an interesting result.  With the first folder I chose it only trained
one message, but when I opened OE to take a look at how many there should
have been (I was pretty sure it should be more) I realised that I had chosen
an IMAP folder (which it wouldn't have been able to connect to) so maybe an
error occurred when trying to train.  If I just used my regular inbox, then
it trained on all 11 messages that were there.

I wonder if maybe when something goes wrong it only trains one and then
silently fails?  Was the dbx you used odd in any way?

> My other problem is probably not our fault (and probably the result of
> trying to make by brain work first thing in the morning) but 
> I set up an Outlook Express filter for To: "spam," and it didn't fire,
> even though SpamBayes was correctly prepending "spam," to the To: header.
> Am I missing something?  The filer was set to work on the Inbox, 
> and to move messages to a "Possible Spam" folder, but they are staying in 
> the Inbox.

This is something I had never noticed before (I very seldom actually use OE
for anything but testing).  It seems that although we add "unsure," (etc) to
the To list, OE strips the comma off the end.  If you look in the preview
pane, it has "unsure; ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz" (etc), with no comma.  If you
change the rule to just look for "spam" it'll work (but I think it will also
fire for spambayes at python.org, too).

The comma definitely stays if you notate the subject, rather than the To:
header.  This is a documentation error, then, I guess.  The next release
will include the fix that lets you change the classification words and still
use the notate options, so people can use "fibbledegook-spam" and avoid
this.  I'm not sure what else we can do.

=Tony Meyer

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