[spambayes-dev] 1.0 Build Testing (please!)

Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 18:09:03 CEST 2004

Seth Goodman <sethg at goodmanassociates.com> wrote:
> I don't use OE for anything but newsreading, but it seems that the putting
> 'spam' or 'unsure' in the To: header, where one expects an address, is
> pretty odd.

Well, the option is there and people are using it so I thought we
should at least make it work correctly. <wink>  I never cared for it,
either, because it plays havoc with the ability to reply to the
message if it was in fact legitimate, and I would have no reservations
about simplifying the configuration and eliminating this option.  On
the other hand, users sometimes get unhappy when a feature that they
are used to just disappears, and you don't have to turn it on if you
don't need or want it.

> Isn't it possible to modify the Subject: header and write a rule to filter
> on that?  The only limitations there are 7-bit US-ASCII with the exception
> of the control codes, <CR><LF> and 0x7F.  Suitable strings for the Subject:
> header might be '{Spam} ' and '{Unsure} ', as the curly braces would rarely
> be seen in real mail subjects.

There is a notate_subject option that modifies the Subject header
instead of the To header, so users have a choice.  Currently, the
subject is also modified by prepending the classification and a comma
("spam," or "unsure,").  Bracketing the classification in [] or {} is
probably the more common approach in other filters, but the end result
is the same.

Kenny Pitt

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