[spambayes-dev] Translation in french - source documents locations

Paul Philipon-Dollet ppdollet at free.fr
Mon Apr 11 14:01:22 CEST 2005


Further to my last email, I've tried to locate spambayes documents that need
to be translated in french. 

In the directory "[cvs] / spambayes / spambayes / languages / fr_FR", I've
found some documents that would require rewriting but are already

Same for Dialogs and LS messages subdirectories.

As I'm not familiar yet with SourceForge processes, I'd appreciate to have
direct links to the good documents and/or directories.

Can you help ?

Best regards,


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> I'm using SpamBayes and it works great. If you ever need to translate 
> menus and documentation in french, I'd be happy to help.

That would be great!  1.1 will include support for translations, and there
are partial translations into Spanish and French at the moment, but the
people that were providing those have been too busy to finish the work off

I believe there are three tasks remaining for an initial French translation:

  1.  The new "Notifications" tab of the SpamBayes Manager dialog needs to
be translated.

  2.  The dynamically generated text needs to be translated (using the
gettext tools).

  3.  All the documentation needs to be translated.

If you want to work on any of those, that would be great.  #3 is pretty
straightforward - for #1 and #2 there are instructions in the
README-DEVEL.txt file in CVS, or you can ask (here or
spambayes-dev at python.org).


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