[spambayes-dev] RE: Translation in french - source documents locations

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Apr 12 02:39:51 CEST 2005

[Tony Meyer]
>> I believe there are three tasks remaining for an initial 
>> French translation:
>>   1.  The new "Notifications" tab of the SpamBayes Manager 
>> dialog needs to be translated.
>>   2.  The dynamically generated text needs to be translated 
>> (using the gettext tools).
>>   3.  All the documentation needs to be translated.

[Paul Philipon-Dollet]
> Further to my last email, I've tried to locate spambayes 
> documents that need to be translated in french. 
> In the directory "[cvs] / spambayes / spambayes / languages / 
> fr_FR", I've found some documents that would require 
> rewriting but are already translated.

Yes, the web interface file, which is in this directory, has already been

> Same for Dialogs and LS messages subdirectories.

The dialog file has been mostly translated, but not completely.  One tab
("Notifications") was added after the initial translation was done, and so
hasn't been translated yet.  (The rest of the file is done).

None of the LC_MESSAGES stuff (the gettext part, for the dynamically
generated text) has been done.

(Note that just before putting 1.1a1 out, I moved the languages directory,
because it really makes much more sense to be in the spambayes package.  So
the files are now in [cvs] / spambayes / spambayes / spambayes / languages).

> As I'm not familiar yet with SourceForge processes, I'd 
> appreciate to have direct links to the good documents and/or 
> directories.

The dialogs file (which just needs the Notifications tab translated) is in
ViewCVS here:


Or is in 'spambayes/spambayes/languages/fr/DIALOGS/dialogs.rc' in a CVS

To do the translation for the gettext stuff, you create a .po files from a
.pot (.po template).  There hasn't been one in CVS, since this just gets
auto generated, but I'll put one there to make it easier.  Once anonymous
CVS catches up, it'll be in View CVS here:


Or in a CVS checkout: 'spambayes/spambayes/languages/messages.pot'.

You can just edit the file in a text editor, or use a GUI editor like
poEdit.  Submitting just the .po file is sufficient, although you need to
create the compiled .mo file to test (I can do this if necessary).
Applications like poEdit will do this for you.


No-one has translated any documentation so far, so there aren't any
translated documents checked in, or even a scheme for what we will do with
them.  Once we get some, we'll figure something out.  The English versions
are in ViewCVS here:



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