[spambayes-dev] Translation of Spambayes into german

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Apr 12 02:44:08 CEST 2005

> After reading the instructions, I'm sorry, but I thought it's easier.
> I've only coded with PHP and so I thought, there is an language-file
> where I have to translate the strings. I'm realy sorry, because I
> like spambayes and wanted to help.

The instructions are probably making it sound more complicated than it is.
It is pretty much just translating strings or HTML documents (which you
could open in any HTML editor).  There's


Or in a CVS checkout: 'spambayes/spambayes/languages/messages.pot'.

Which is just a list of strings that are used in dynamically generating
text.  You can just edit this in a text editor, or use a GUI editor like


Then there's an HTML file:


Or in a CVS checkout 'spambayes/spambayes/resources/ui.html'.

Just open it in any HTML editor (or a text editor) and translate it.

The Outlook dialogs are a bit more complicated.  But if you still want to
help, you can start with those two, and if you manage to do those, I can
help out with the dialogs.

There's the documentation, too, which are just HTML files.


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