[spambayes-dev] sb_imapfilter or imaplib - another crash on bad date

Emil Pedersen emil.pedersen at its.uu.se
Wed Jul 13 14:49:36 CEST 2005


I've had some imapfilter crashes related to bad dates.  From what I can 
found it resembles of [890645], but appears when saving (appending) the 

I'm not sure whatever this should be considered a bug or not, or where 
it's best fixed (in imaplib or spambayes)...

Anyway, by catching the execption raised from the append call it works 
fine (given my setup, spambayes-1.0.3 & python-2.3.5).  So here's my 

emilp at emil:proj/SPAMBAYES> diff sb_imapfilter.py.ORG sb_imapfilter.py
<             response = imap.append(self.folder.name, flgs, tme,
<                                    self.as_string())
<             if response[0] == "OK":
<                 break
>             # Catch exceptions that may occure if msg_time is realy
>             # bad (I got one like "19-Jan-2038 04:10:47 +0100").
>             # Just pass the exceptions, and the loop will try again,
>             # eventualy with an desent time.
>             try:
>                 response = imap.append(self.folder.name, flgs, tme,
>                                        self.as_string())
>             except IMAP4.error:
>                 pass
>             else:
>                 if response[0] == "OK":
>                     break

Should I report this as a bug (including the suggested fix), or can I 
just post it here and some "real" developer will catch it?

I'm not familiar with the normal bug tracking procedure, so please help 
me out or point me in the right direction.

Sincerely yours,

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