[spambayes-dev] Outlook Plug-In Bug?

Robert Mezzone robert.mezzone at pjsolomon.com
Wed Jul 20 17:36:51 CEST 2005

The following were tested on a PC running WINXP SP2 all patches and
Office 2003 SP1 all patches.

I installed a version and tested. 
Uninstalled, rebooted, deleted c:\program files\spambayes as well as the
User Profile under XP prior to installing a different version.

1.0 Outlook.exe process does not end gracefully (I found this on a
sourceforge site)
1.0.3 Outlook.exe process does not end gracefully
1.0.4 Outlook.exe process does not end gracefully
1.1a.1 Outlook.exe process does not end gracefully

FWIW: I tried Inboxer 2.1 since it's based on the Spambayes engine and
it doesn't hang.

If I have time later I will build a second machine with OfficeXP and run
the above tests.



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> User opens Word or any application that supports the Send-To feature
I suspect that this is this bug:
[ 1103976 ] Outlook.exe will not terminate when launched via mailto
My money is on this being an Outlook bug.  It's possible we can work
around it somehow, of course.
Since this only appears to effect Outlook 2003, and I'm using Outlook
2002, it's pretty difficult for me to look into ways around this (not
that I have the time right at the moment, anyway).  Kenny is assigned
the above bug report, and is going to look into it when he has time, I
believe (which won't be for a while as well, IIRC).
Whether or not this was a problem in earlier versions of the plug-in is
an interesting question, to which I don't know the answer.  It's
possible that it was, especially since the problem doesn't effect old
versions of Outlook.  If you (or anyone else) wants to try old plug-in
versions, I have copies of them all (or could unhide them on sourceforge
temporarily).  If the problem doesn't occur with old versions, then that
would certainly be valuable information for the bug report, since that
gives an idea of where to find a solution.

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