[spambayes-dev] Integrating SpamBayes with a Mail.app plugin

Benjamin Han benhdj at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jul 31 09:37:51 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I just started working on integrating SpamBayes 1.0.4 into  
JunkMatcher, a Mail.app plugin I wrote on OS X. I've heard a lot of  
good things about SB and I'd love to have it work for me. :-)

In JunkMatcher messages are filtered based on conducting a list of  
tests, and these include both "property tests" and "pattern tests".  
The latter are regex matching, and all other kinds of tests are  
property tests (including blacklists querying, etc.).

(more info about JunkMatcher: http://junkmatcher.sf.net )

My plan is to integrate SB as a property test.

I've downloaded the code and took a brief look. It seems that I only  
need to replicate the sb_filter.py so SpamBayes would kick in when  
checking. I'd appreciate if someone can do a bit hand-holding for me  
- here are a few newbie questions:

1. Is Classifier.*_spamprob() thread-safe? I will be calling them  
from multiple threads. Anything I should be aware of?

2. I've looked around and tried to figure out what would be saved  
into SB's database. Am I correct in saying that it only saves the  
classification results and IDs, not the raw message source? This is  
because JunkMatcher already saved raw email sources and I'd like to  
avoid duplicating data.

3. At least as the first cut, I'll provide a very dumb-down UI for SB  
(i.e., no user configuration UI will be provided). I already know I  
need to give some default settings as to where to deposit hammie.db.  
Any other default settings I should be aware of? Or using the  
defaults in Options.py is all I need to do?

Thanks in advance,


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