[spambayes-dev] inactive spambayes

Rita Gambaccini ritagam at inwind.it
Fri Jun 17 10:08:34 CEST 2005

Messers python.org

I had a problem with spambays that I'm not able to solve. May be it is
something simple but after several attempts I'm not able to solve it.
This is the matter: Outlook stopped working and I closed it. When I
tried to open it again it gave me a messege saying "at the previous
closing of outlook occurred an error with Spambayes do you want to
deactivate it?" My answer was "yes". After I wasn't able to activate it.
I made an unistall using the "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel of
windows XP and then i tried to install it again. It doens't work, I just
can see the dead buttoms in the toolbar but I don't have the manager

Could You help me please?
Best regards

Rita Gambaccini
e-mail: rita.gambaccini at tiscali.it

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